Scope: Video Editing • Augmented Reality
Year: 2021
Time: 3 weeks
Hashtag Legend (#legend) is a prestigious luxury lifestyle magazine headquartered in Hong Kong, seamlessly integrating print and digital media. The publication's rich content spans across art, fashion, dining, and lifestyle, drawing inspiration from both historical legends and forward-looking perspectives.
In 2021, as the magazine geared up to commemorate its 5th anniversary, a series of captivating social media campaigns unfolded. These campaigns showcased influential celebrities and socialites with whom the magazine had collaborated in the past. The festivities culminated in a lavish celebration at The Grounds Hong Kong.
My role in this milestone event was to craft a compelling trailer video that heightened public anticipation. Additionally, I was entrusted with the creation of an engaging Instagram AR filter designed specifically for the anniversary celebration.
The trailer video was a crucial component of the project as it served as a teaser for the party and showcased the amazing individuals that Hashtag Legend collaborated with. As a designer, I aimed to create a dynamic and visually exciting experience. 

As part of the project, I designed an Instagram filter that aligned with the party's theme and Hashtag Legend's brand identity.

The goal was to create a fun and interactive experience for the audience to encourage them to engage with the brand and the party. To achieve this, I made a few variations of the #legend logo, added an interactive 5th Anniversary sticker & user-triggered hashtag confetti. 
Overall, designing the Instagram filter was a fun and creative challenge that allowed me to explore the possibilities of AR in graphic design and connect with the audience in a new and exciting way.
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