Hi there! 
I'm Michael Kozlarek, also known as Good Michael among friends. Originally from Poland, I've spent the past decade immersed in the vibrant cultures of Asia, encountering diverse lifestyles and forming connections with incredible and unique individuals.
I like to think of myself as more than just a graphic designer. With a master's degree in Business Management, I've devoted seven years of my professional career to working in tech, focusing on project management and sourcing. However, design and the art of making things beautiful have always been my passion, dating back to the earliest days of my life.
I honed my design skills through experimentation, actively watching online tutorials, recreating artworks from my favorite digital artists, and consistently exploring platforms like Dribbble, Behance, Pinterest, and Instagram. This habit persists to ensure my designs stay relevant. Over a decade ago, my freelance journey began with small projects for friends and family, evolving into collaborations with creative agencies, insurance companies, schools, banks, and fashion magazines.
When I embark on a collaboration, I see myself as your strategic partner. Armed with a blend of business acumen, hands-on experience, and creative skills, I approach projects with a dual perspective—from both a designer's and a business professional's standpoint.
More privately, I enjoy brainstorming business ideas with friends over a beer or two, immersing myself in nostalgia through clothes and music, and relishing a good workout.
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