Scope: Graphic Design/Social Media
Agency: 160over90
Year: 2022
Time: 10 weeks
AIA Voices is an initiative by AIA Group, aimed at promoting health and wellness across Asia. It is a platform for influential voices to come together and discuss topics related to life, health, and wellness. The project was designed to educate, motivate, and inspire people to make positive changes to their health and wellness journey.
Working with the 160over90 agency, I was tasked with creating a series of key visuals that were used across various marketing collateral as well as social media templates. The visuals were designed to communicate the essence of AIA Voices and to convey the message of promoting health and wellness across Asia.
The key visuals I designed, were used as social media thumbnails on various platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. 
In addition to the key visuals, I also worked on creating social media templates that were used to promote AIA Voices on different social media channels. These templates were designed to be visually appealing and engaging, while also conveying the message of the project.

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