Scope: Graphic Design / Animation / Branding
Agency: 160over90
Year: 2023
Time: 3 weeks
In November 2023, I had the exciting opportunity to spearhead the visual branding for the AIA Marketing For Impact (MFI) conference. MFI is an annual internal conference that focuses on aligning AIA's marketing and promotional strategies. My role in this project encompassed creating a comprehensive 'branding' package for the conference, which included the design of the key visual (logo), an animated key visual, a series of animated patterns, and a customized PowerPoint template.

Notably, the client expressed a desire for the conference's visual representation to have more depth, intending to play with the theme of 'Impact.' They specifically emphasized the concepts of depth, change of ideas, and the fluidity of water waves. This challenge inspired a creative approach, resulting in a visually engaging and meaningful branding package that resonated with the conference's theme and objectives.
A few of the presentation slides.
The animations, along with other graphic assets, symbolize the profound impact of ideas and embody the concept of change.
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